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Showing verses in context for The Holy Tanakh.
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The Holy Tanakh: Job: Chapter 7

{11} Therefore I will not refrain my mouth; I will speak in the anguish of my spirit; I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.

{12} Am I a sea, or a sea-monster, that Thou settest a watch over me?

{13} When I say: 'My bed shall comfort me, my couch shall ease my complaint';

{14} Then Thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions;

{15} So that my soul chooseth strangling, and death rather than these my bones.

{16} I loathe it; I shall not live alway; let me alone; for my days are vanity.

{17} What is man, that Thou shouldest magnify him, and that Thou shouldest set Thy heart upon him,

{18} And that Thou shouldest remember him every morning, and try him every moment?

{19} How long wilt Thou not look away from me, nor let me alone till I swallow down my spittle?

{20} If I have sinned, what do I unto Thee, O Thou watcher of men? Why hast Thou set me as a mark for Thee, so that I am a burden to myself?

{21} And why dost Thou not pardon my transgression, and take away mine iniquity? For now shall I lie down in the dust; and Thou wilt seek me, but I shall not be.

The Holy Tanakh: Job: Chapter 8

{1} Then answered Bildad the Shuhite, and said:

{2} How long wilt thou speak these things, seeing that the words of thy mouth are as a mighty wind?

{3} Doth God pervert judgment? Or doth the Almighty pervert justice?

{4} If thy children sinned against Him, He delivered them into the hand of their transgression.

{5} If thou wouldest seek earnestly unto God, and make thy supplication to the Almighty;

{6} If thou wert pure and upright; surely now He would awake for thee, and make the habitation of thy righteousness prosperous.

{7} And though thy beginning was small, yet thy end should greatly increase.

{8} For inquire, I pray thee, of the former generation, and apply thyself to that which their fathers have searched out--

{9} For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow--

{10} Shall not they teach thee, and tell thee, and utter words out of their heart?

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